Carnivore Diet Update - Day 16

Diet Update

šŸ“… 11 Apr 2021

This is day 16 of my 30 days of the carnivore diet. You can start from the beginning here.

Update - Day 16

I have now done several longer endurance events (52 mile bike ride on the road, 3 mile bike ride indoors on my trainer) and have had no low-energy issues. I think this is positive and counter intuitive to what you would expect eating no carbs (but is completely understandable physiologically if you research the diet).

I have continued to have issues with my stomach, however.

Based on a few external factors I have to consider (moving, interviews, other important events), I have made the difficult decision to truncate the 30 days to 3 weeks, or 21 days. I feel like Iā€™m giving up in some ways but I have to do what is best for myself given the other life events I have going on. Regardless, I will continue to document these last 5 days.


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