Carnivore Diet - Day 3

Carnivore Diet Update - Day 3

📅 29 Mar 2021

This is day 3 of my 30 days of the carnivore diet. You can start from the beginning here.

Update - Day 3

So far so good on this nice, cool morning. I am enjoying some nice variety this week including fish, chicken, bacon, and other pork, which will change in the coming weeks. I’ll have to make sure I mix it up with other seasonings and flavors as I transition to all beef in the coming weeks.

I had some reservations the first two days but I am really committed now if for no other reason to keep doing something for 30 days. As the new year has brought many changing habits for me, I think it’s very important to continue to evaluate my mental state. What better way than sticking with a strange goal for 30 days?

Until next time.


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