Carnivore Diet - Day 7

Carnivore Diet Update - Day 7

📅 02 Apr 2021

This is day 7 of my 30 days of the carnivore diet. You can start from the beginning here.

Update - Day 7

A good update on day 7. Bowel movements are getting more regular (exciting stuff) and I have generally high energy levels.

Tomorrow will be a true test of my endurance and energy levels on the carnivore. I will be doing an easy 52 mile bike ride (easy because I’m lazy, but also because I don’t want to overdo it lol). The route I am doing has plenty of break areas so I’m not at all worried. It’s also amazing weather here right now so it should be a great time. Looking forward to updating on the back-end.


Day 51: #100DaysToOffload

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