A cool application I found to make writing fun again

📅 26 Dec 2021

While writing my last post I discovered a really cool tool called Ghostwriter so I decided to write a post exploring it.

A huge positive aspect of Ghostwriter is that it’s open source. I really enjoy open source projects and I think they represent a better future than that offered by closed-source software.

The first thing I noticed when I installed Ghostwriter was how clean it is. There are just six options in the upper left navigation menu and they are just the right size to be there but not distracting.

My preference was to disable the live HTML preview. My posts are not typically very involved - just some simple text, maybe an image. If I am using some headings or formatting to make some things stand out, I can easily re-enable that option and see what it looks like.

Probably my favorite feature I have discovered so far is what Ghostwriter calls “focus mode”. You don’t have to be in full-screen mode to enable it but I found it most useful when I was. Focus mode has a few options but default is to highlight the current sentence and grey out everything else. I’ve never used anything like this but I really enjoy it. As I’m writing this post in Ghostwriter, I’m finding it very easy to stay on task and think about what I’m writing.

Finally, while I haven’t explored this feature yet, there is also something called, “Hemingway Mode”, which grants you the ability to write in perfect prose.

Not really. Hemingway Mode disables backspace and delete to imitate writing on a typewriter. That sounds really cool to me although would probably take quite some time to get used to.

This post was mainly to highlight a really cool tool I have only just recently found. I could have done an exhaustive review but that’s not something I want to get in the habit of. I’d rather everyone explore it for themselves and see what they think. Enjoy!

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