Changing from HTTPS to SSH on Github

The steps I took to change my auth method to SSH for my Github repositories

📅 04 Jan 2022

I really wanted to make this a real how-to but with being sick right now I couldn’t manage that. Instead, I’ll point you to an excellent guide I found:

So what did I do? Well, as the title suggests, I finally switched from HTTPS to SSH on Github. I know, Github, cringe. I seem to be seeing more and more people switching over to codeberg, so I promise to give that a look as well in the coming weeks or months.

Here is the general outline I followed:

  1. Generated a new SSH key locally.

  2. Added the SSH key to my github repository.

  3. Add the SSH key to my keychain. This is critical unless you want to enter your SSH key every time.

  4. Marvel at how easy this was.

Seriously that last step though. This process was so easy I don’t know why it took me so long. It’s not only easier but more secure. Things that are more secure aren’t always easier. But thanks to technology, in this case they are. And I’m all for anytime I can get those two things together.

Well, as I said, I was really hoping to make a how-to article out of this but that will have to wait. I need to rest up and heal. Unfortunately, it could be some time so I’ll probably have to finish out the #100DaysToOffload in this fashion.


Day 94: #100DaysToOffload

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