Pro Bono

Why do lawyers do pro bono work?

📅 02 Mar 2021

A random thought I had recently:

Why do lawyers do pro bono work?

I was legitimately curious about this. I have always had a passion for volunteer work. I don’t know why. I guess helping others was instilled in me at an early age.

So, as I approach my next professional endeavor, I am considering how I can make sure that I am giving back in whatever way I can.

I don’t know why, but I immediately thought about lawyers.

Do they do pro bono work because they make enough that they can? Because they have such a valuable skill-set? For some other reason?

I’m sure some lawyers don’t. There has got to be at least one lawyer that doesn’t do pro bono. Likewise, I know there are other professionals that don’t volunteer at all.

Does your volunteer or “pro bono” work have to align with your profession? What if what you do for a living doesn’t naturally translate to volunteer work? Is it less valuable?

The obvious answer is no. But I think it is interesting to think about how each of us can give back and help others.

Currently, I am doing a little work for a non-profit. I want to continue this kind of thing in the months ahead and obviously continue into the rest of my career. I don’t necessarily mind if it doesn’t align with my career. I just want to do something.

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