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My review of Proton Mail

📅 27 Jan 2021

As a fairly new user of Proton Mail, I wanted to do a quick review. I may expand this in the future to a part 2 but for now this will be fairly short.

I have been increasingly interested in privacy and security online. This hasn’t really been for any particular reason, but rather I have just started paying attention to the amount of information I was throwing out there and the ease at which it could be exploited.

At the same time, I have come to an understanding of the sheer size of information I was offering up to google. I have multiple gmail accounts, used to use google as my main search engine, and had a ton of history on youtube and google maps.

After reading some reviews on different privacy/security focused email solutions, I decided to give Proton Mail a try. Interestingly, as I was doing this, I remembered at some point in the past I created a Hushmail account.

The reason I bring up Hushmail is because at the time (around 15 years ago?) it was nothing special. In fact, I remember the UX being absolutely horrendous. I can’t comment on the state of Hushmail now, but needless to say, after starting my Proton Mail account, I am thoroughly impressed. The UX seems to be well laid out and I have had no struggles navigating through.

I read that Proton Mail only offers 500 MB to free users so my first order of business was making sure that would work. This may sound silly, but I honestly had no idea how much 500 MB looks like in terms of email.

When I checked my gmail data, I was using 1.5 GB! But, I quickly learned that nearly all of this was emailed photos I had saved for the last 10 years. This goes back to how much information I was offering up to Google. There was no reason for those photos to be there. I had already downloaded them, but they were just sitting in my email, just waiting for the world to see.

I was able to fairly quickly get down well below 500 MB and I have now started the process of slowly transitioning to Proton Mail. I am in the process of some password changes, so I am just changing the email address of each account at the same time.

Long-term, I will probably keep gmail. In the professional world, gmail is very standard and I will probably keep at least one account for that reason.

A few notable features:

I hope this review was useful. I’m excited to see what else Proton Mail has to offer.

Day 9: #100DaysToOffload

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