Ten Question Recap

Recap - A ten day exploration of some interesting questions

📅 22 Feb 2021

This is my recap of 10 days of exploring some interesting questions. Feel free to start at the beginning.

OK, so what the heck was that about?

Over the last ten blog entries, I have wrote on a variety of questions that I found posted on social media. I wasn’t super intrigued by these questions at first, but I thought it might be a fun exercise to answer each question in turn and document the process.

I think the biggest take away for me is that my current job hunt is consuming a lot of my thoughts. This is both good and bad.

Obviously finding work is important. Really important. I would say on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most important, finding a job would be a 10.

I know from my own experience thought that when something entirely consumes me, I don’t handle it well. In this case, I want to work as hard as possible. I want to find a great job and embark on a great career.

But I still want to be able to sleep. I still want to enjoy time with friends.

I want to live a really balanced life. I want to constantly be making sure that I’m living a balanced life. I don’t want to play too much but I also don’t want to work too much. I want to spend as much time as possible with my family, including my extended family. I want to call anyone I can’t see in-person frequently.

All of these things are important to me. And I think the way to make sure everything is staying in perspective is to have strong relationships and spend a lot of time in thought; to constantly evaluate my life.

So, these last 10 days of writing were very important for me. I hope to continue the habit of introspection and to do it often.

Day 29: #100DaysToOffload

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